Zag bowl

Spalted Vessel

Purpleheart Chain bowl


Birdseye vessel

Large Spanish Dot Pot

Walnut bowl

Summer Dress

Walnut and Maple Lattice Bowl

Sunrise vase

Butterflies and Petals

Redheart Zig Zag

Granadillo bowl

Sapaela Compass Rose

Walnut box

Red Grandis Step Vessel

Double Zig Zag Vase

Red Grandis box

Cherry vase

Segmented Wood Turning by Dave Chleborad

A Good Wood Turn

Tiger Striped Maple Bowl

Compass Rose

Bocote Vase

Cherry vase with Keys

Spalted Maple with Red Grandis and Bloodwood

Zig Zag bowl


Sapela vessel with lid

Cherry Winged bowl

Busy Bee

Greek Keys

Bloodwood Chain bowl

Birdseye bowl

Maple Ribbon Bowl

White Diamond Vase


Maple vessel with lid

Zig Zag Vase

Alternating Blocks/Crimson

Sunrise bowl

Walnut vessel

Cherry Zig Zag bowl

Cambia and White Limba vase

Tip Top Too

Peruvian Walnut Keys

Bloodwood Arrows

Cherry bear claw vessel


Walnut Dot Pot

Alternating Blocks/Bloodwood

Spalted bowl

Walnut Zebra Bowl

Lidded vessel

Alternating blocks/Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple Platter

Diamonds and Cherry vessel


Bloodwood Chain bowl

Lattice Compass Rose

Ambrosia vessel

Bloodwood Dot Pot

​Mahogany Vase

Small Red Grandis vase

Cherry Vessel

A Little Laid Back

Birdseye Bouquet


Walnut Chain bowl

Sapaela bowl

Freckles and Flags

Tulip Vase


Diamond vase

Wenge Lattice bowl

Either Way on a Country Lane

Purple Swirl

Walnut Compass Rose

Padauk bowl 


Spalted Vessel with Beech

Zag Vessel

Winged Bowl

Spalted Pot

Ash Lattice 

Bubinga Hourglass


​Birdseye Maple vase

Bloodwood Lattice Bowl

Cherry bowl

Diamonds and Pearls


Small Cherry vase

Cherry Zig Zag vase

Cherry Box

Cherry & Spalted bowl

Bloodwood Chain box

Cherry Wing Bowl

Kingwood box

Peruvian Chain bowl

Best Direction

Dot Pot

Knots & Eights

Bloodwood Lattice Bowl

Bloodwood Lattice

Jatoba vessel

Eights a Plenty

Granadillo Dot Pot

It's a Doozy

Eight Star box

Large Figured Cherry bowl

Mahogany Vessel

Padauk bowl

Mahogany bowl

Bearclaw Cambia

Maple vessel with finial


Lattice bowl

Either Way

Small vessels with Red Palm

Spalted Lattice Bowl

Mahogany Winged Bowl

No longer available

These items are no longer available but if you are interested in a piece similar, contact me. 

Walnut Zig Zag vase

Compass Rose and Cherry Bowl

First Diamond

Fishhook vessel

Lattice and Star

Padauk Vase

Ash Dot Lattice vessel


Walnut Chain Bowl

Mahogany Dot Pot

Brick & Mortar