Bowl from a board - Zebra

Woods used: Cherry. Zebra, Peruvian Walnut, Holly, Bubinga
10 1/2” diameter by 3 1/2” tall 



Woods used: TigerStriped Maple, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Yellowheart, Izamba
9 1/4” diameter by 5 1/4” tall
427 pieces



Woods used: Cherry, Spanish Mahogany, Red Grandis, Walnut
13 1/4” diameter by 17” tall 
709 pieces


Segmented Wood Turning by Dave Chleborad

A Good Wood Turn

Peruvian Walnut Keys

Woods used: Spalted Maple, Wenge, Maple, Peruvian Walnut
14" diameter by 7" tall 
313 pieces
Outside is gloss polyurethane and the inside is epoxy to be more utilitarian and cleanable on the inside.


Latest Work

Red Butterflies

Woods used: Sapaela, Maple, Bloodwood, Ebony. Epoxy finish.
9 1/2” diameter by 8” tall
671 pieces